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If you are looking for quality golf with a cultural experience for your next holiday in Thailand, then Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are the perfect destinations. By nature Thai people are gentle and friendly, but the Northern Folk are less hurried and flow steadily with the slower pace of life in Thailand's North.

Originally Thailand's Capital during the Lanna Dynasty, Chiang Mai was built within a walled 'Moat' to keep out the then invading Burmese and protect its people. Chiang Mai is now an international holiday resort, and business centre offering investment opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Getting around :

Red Taxi pick up vans

The red taxi's you will see everywhere in Chiang Mai (Se-Lor) are basically modified pick-up trucks with a roof over the back and bench seats each side, are the most common taxi for commuters in the urban area. You can just flag one down ( normally they will toot you!!) then just tell them the destination and negotiate the price before making a trip. They normally pick up and drop other passengers along the way until they reach a final destination. It normally costs about 10 baht per person, however it may cost up to 20-30 baht, depending on either his or your destination as well. If you or your group are the only passengers, then this will be a 'private' transfer. Let the driver name his price and then you can bargain until both you and the driver are satisfied.

Tuk Tuk

If you have been to Thailand before, then you have experienced the Tuk Tuk. A fun way to get around the city, although it might be worth avoiding the mid-day heat and traffic congestion, as the fumes can get abit heavy! but if you haven't tried a ride on a Tuk Tuk yet, then its a must!  If you are in a hurry, and want some adventure try a Tuk Tuk. A short journey costs about Baht 30 + and baht 40-60  for a longer ride. Do negotiate the price for your destination. Remember sit back, relax, but hold tight!.

Night Bazaar and street Markets :

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are famous for their night bazaars, and you can really get lost in the relaxed 'shopping' atmosphere of these popular market paces. The Night bazaar in Chiang Mai is located on Chang Klan Road (Map) and runs through the whole length of the street with shops and street stalls sprawled along both sides selling their wares. You should also visit the 'Galare" night Plaza, which has an abundant of food that you can feast on, and you just buy vouchers which you trade for food. Try the long established booth selling Indian food, delicious! the Galare also offers nightly Thai dance and traditional Northern style music to make a perfect evening out. The Night bazaar in Chiang Rai is like a smaller version of the Chiang Mai Bazaar, and is located on the Phrayon Yotin  Road.(Map) Located inside is a large 'stadium' sized beer garden with nightly live acoustic music, and lots of stalls selling delicious Thai food to accompany your pitcher of beer. 

Day time Handicraft shopping :

Chiang Mai is Thailand's major center for quality handicrafts.  The tourist visitor can find handicrafts at the nearest city emporium or market places throughout Chiang Mai and Chiang rai.  A major advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that the visitor may watch artisans at work within the city and in several outlying villages, particularly along the Bo Sang-San Kamphaeng road where small factories set about their work Choose from parasols, silk and cotton weaving, jewellery, woodcarving, silverware, celadon, and lacquer ware.   Map

Umbrellas-Parasols - These are inextricably associated with Bo Sang where villagers have been engaged in their manufacture for at least 200 years.  All materials, silk, cottons, sa paper (manufactured from the bark of the mulberry tree) and bamboo are produced or found locally.  Visitors to Bo Sang will see literally hundreds of design and sizes ranging from the miniature to the gigantic.

Silverware - The finest Thai silverware is exquisite, and is made in Chiang Mai, where certain families have practiced their art for several generations.  Traditional skills and a guaranteed content of at least 92.5% pure silver invest bowls, receptacles and decorative items with authentic value.  Silver shops are concentrated on Wua lai Road, where silverware artisans and their families live.

Cottons & Silks - First-class Chiang Mai cottons and silks are of incomparable quality.  Cottons and silkshave innumerable fashion and furnishing applications.  The largest possible selection is available in San Kamphang.

Gold Plated Orchids & Butterflies - Orchids and butterflies are preserved and plated with 24-carat gold to create unusual gift items such as necklace pendants, hairpins and earrings.

Lacquerware - Striking black and gold designs give lacquerware its visual appeal and sheen.  This decorative are enhances items made of wood, bamboo, metal, paper and baked clay, in the form of receptacles, ornaments and various souvenirs.

Hill tribe Products - These include silver ornaments, such as bracelets, necklace, pendants and pipes of intricate design, and embroidered items including tunics, jackets, bags, purses, caps and dress lengths.

Pottery - Chiang Mai is the major center of Thailand's pottery industry.  Prized items include high-fired celadon which is produced in many forms, including dinner sets, lamp bases and decorative items.

Useful Telephone numbers :

Police 199,191
Tourist Police 1699,053-248130
Fire Brigades 199,053-222852
Main Police Station 053-276040
Rescue Foundation 053-218888
Government Office
Custom Office 053-277692
Office of Foreign 053-277901
Trade 053-274671-2
Immigration 053-277510
T.A.T. 053-248604
Central Memorial 053-277090-3
Chang Puak 053-220022
Chiangmai Ram 053-224861
Lanna 053-357234-53
Maharaj (Suandok) 053-221122,053-222082
Mc Cormick 053-241311
Rajchawet 053-802394
Ruampath 053-735767
Embassy's and Associations
Alliance Franchise 053-275277
Australian Consulate 053-225975-6
Austrian Consulate 053-400231
British Council 053-242103
British Consulate 053-203405
Canadian Honorary Consulate 053-850147
Chiangmai Guide Association 053-221798
Chinese Consulate 053-276215
Indian Consulate 053-243066
Germany Consulate 053-838735
Japanese Consulate 053-203367
Northern Guesthouse Club 053-217523
Swedish Consulate 053-220844
USA Consulate 053-252629
USIS 053-214120
YMCA Chiangmai 053-221819,222366
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