Chiang Mai golf courses

There are now several high-quality golf courses to choose from in Chiang Mai.  While many visitors to Thailand will focus on other, more popular regions of the country, Chiang Mai remains a special place to play golf. 

The golf courses are some of the best and most scenic you will find anywhere in the world, but the Chiang Mai green fees remain very competitive.  You must only compare the green fees with a course such as Chiang Mai Highlands Golf Resort and Spa to that of Laguna Phuket Golf Club and you begin to see the difference.

While the Chiang Mai green fees remain low for much of the year, there are things you can do to find some special, low rates.

The best time to travel for a golf holiday in Chiang Mai is between November and March.  This is when you will find the coolest and driest weather.  Temperatures tend to drop no lower than 20 degrees, even in December but the altitude of some of the golf courses, such as Alpine Golf Resort and Gassan Khuntan Golf and Resort can make it a little colder.

If you visit Chiang Mai to play golf between November and March, you can expect to find green fees at their highest of the year.  However, as explained above, that is still often cheaper than many of the other golf courses in Thailand.  Nonetheless, if you wish to bag a bargain on your Chiang Mai green fees and still enjoy great weather you can travel in the shoulder months of October and April.

There may be a little more rain about, but you are still guaranteed many hours of sunshine and plenty of time on the golf courses.  In addition, Chiang Mai green fees will be lower in these months compared to the high season.

If you want a real bargain, then the months of May through to September is the time to play golf in Chiang Mai.  You will definitely see more rain during this period and some of the storms can be heavy.  However, there will be plenty of time for playing golf and many of the Chiang Mai golf courses have excellent drainage to cope with the wet weather.

For the cheapest Chiang Mai green fees, you should travel between May and September but in the knowledge the weather will not always be ideal for playing golf.

The Chiang Mai Golf Festival is also a good time to visit for lower green fees.  This generally runs between May and June every year and many of the best golf courses in the area have the same, set price for a round of golf.  This is often when you will find Chiang Mai green fees at their lowest and it is a great time to meet fellow golf players in the region.

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